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Tiramisu Mascarpone Dip

This is a festive and very rich dessert. Since it’s tasted in small quantities, people seem to embrace its richness without too many complaints about the calories!


Two 8-ounce containers of Tiramisu Mascarpone dessert cheese (available at Dominick’s in the Chicagoland area; Jewel only offers the plain Marscarpone cheese.)

Chocolate syrup or homemade chocolate sauce

Finely chopped almonds

Vanilla wafers or other plain cookies


Remove cheese from the refrigerator about 10 minutes prior to preparation. Place about a third of a container of Tiramisu Mascarpone cheese in a decorative glass at a time. Swirl with chocolate syrup or other thick homemade chocolate sauce made with chocolate mix or powder. (If you make homemade chocolate sauce make sure it’s thick enough and sweet enough. If you use unsweetened chocolate – add powdered sugar.)

Continue to add cheese and swirl chocolate syrup into cheese. Top with finely chopped almonds or glazed pecans. Garnish creatively with a strawberry, mint leaf, or a few wafers.

Serve in a decorative glass with vanilla wafers or other plain cookies. Serves 8 – 15 people with snack size portions.

Occasionally, Dominick’s features this dip for sampling. For more recipes and information about the mascarpone cheese visit:


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