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Is a resume enough in today’s tough economy?

On March 30, 2010 I will present Online Portfolios With Pizazz at the Community Career Center in Naperville. (Registration required; fee for both members and non-members.)

Here are five tips from the two-hour presentation:

Visual CV

This outstanding online portfolio site lets job seekers make a highly visual presentation of their work. The site is easy to use, includes no banner ads or other ads, and allows you to upload a variety of file types. Check out VisualCV for more information including wonderful tutorials on how to build your portfolio.

Hire Me

Consider displaying a “hire me” button in your collection – if you dare! We will take a look at more subtle ways of “asking for the order” and emphasize the importance of placing your contact information on every page of your portfolio.

Gather Your Content

Job seekers will be encouraged to look at their work more visually and I will remind them that they have more content than they think. More than twenty content categories will be shared. My favorite category for discussion is “career success stories.” An online portfolio can be a perfect place to communicate one’s accomplishments by presenting details and photos of one’s success stories.

Make Use of Web 2.0 Tools

Simply put, Web 2.0 is the “interactive Internet” or the “collaborative Internet.” Free Web 2.0 tools will be discussed and job seekers will learn how they can display their best work with pizazz. Photo Snack and Animoto are just a few examples of some glitzy applications that can be incorporated into an online portfolio.

Where’s Your Hub?

Job seekers will be asked if they want their LinkedIn profiles to be the hub from which to display a blog, a link to a VisualCV account, and more.

We’ll also discuss Moo cards, attractive two-sided business cards to promote a oneself or a business with both text and photos.

The session is geared to job seekers in all industries with all levels of computer experience.

See you on Tuesday, March 30!

Photo credit: Lucy Nieto


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